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Pelican Yard Decorations

This beautiful Pelican statue is puissant for your garden or yard, it is facile to store and is an enticing addition to area. Our experts have created a terrific garden or yard or business space.

Metal Pelican Yard Decor

This 25-in Pelican garden statue yard lawn sculpture art deco is top for your backyard art piece! The Pelican is surrounded by a green and grassy field, making an outstanding outdoor or outdoor capital garden, this piece is unrivalled for a beautiful outdoor garden, or to anchored your backyard with some beautiful art and art deco pieces. This is an unrivaled piece of art to add to your Pelican yard and can be used as a reminder of the nature and beauty in your yard, the two birds are on a perch, wanting out at your forest or landscape. It's top as a reminder of the natural beauty in your yard and provides some desire and care for all that are known, this is a first-class Pelican yard decoration with a fresh and new look. The Pelican garden statue is a beautiful, cast-iron sculpture of a woman with and of feathers, and is located in a beautiful Pelican yard, it is prime for adding a touch of elegance to your yard, and is top-of-the-line for history or a place to relax after a long day. The bird figurine is a beautiful replica of a white pelican, and is top-quality for a home or office, the oceanside components make this is a valuable yard gift! This rustic recycled metal yard art Pelican presents a fish figure on a stump nail and is decorated with rusty recycled metal leaves and screws. The yard is finished with fresh leaves and screws.